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Teasing the Billionaire by Krista Lakes

Just when things look they can't get any worse for poor Tracy, a car accident leaves her with a new pile of bills. But the accident has also given her the power to enter dreams, including those of billionaire playboy Mr. Paul Hayes. Will Tracy be able to transform from a timid waitress into the woman of the billionaire's dreams?

This 5500 word story is Chapter One of "The Woman of the Billionaire's Dreams".


Sure enough, at about the same time as usual, Mr. Hayes showed up. This time he had a buxom blonde with him, wearing a dress that showed off all that she had to offer. He was wearing his usual suit, and he smiled when he saw Tracy. Tracy smiled at the two of them and showed the two of them to their table. Mr. Hayes started to look over the wine list while his bimbo went to the bathroom.

“So,” he said without looking up from the wine menu. “Have you thought over my offer?” It was clear from his body language that he expected another refusal.

“Yes, I have,” she said. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Here goes nothing. “If you want me, you'll get up and walk out of here right now with me.”
He looked up at her, puzzled, then looked back down at the menu. “That's pretty funny, sweetheart. If you didn't notice, I brought a date with me. But, if you're interested, maybe the three of us...”

She cut him off right there. “If you want me, ever, you'll leave this woman at the restaurant and walk out the door with me. This is a one-time offer.”

For a moment he seemed taken aback. He was clearly not used to being talked to this way, and she could tell that he almost came back with an angry response. But then, he took a look down her body, nodded his head and stood up. As they walked quickly to the exit, he put his strong hand on her back, guiding her past the line of people at the door. The sensation sent a tingle down her spine, and she knew that this was going to be a great experience after all. Luckily, thought Tracy as they stepped into the warm summer evening, the only employee who saw them leave was the doorman. When the bimbo came back from the bathroom, and when her manager found out she had walked out on a Friday, there would be hell to pay. This was going to be worth it, though...
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