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Some Like It Haunted by Moira Rogers

Some Like It Haunted (Mystic Valley #4) by Moira Rogers Chapter One Just when Sara thought her day couldn't get any worse, her scarf caught on fire. Her classroom erupted into pandemonium. The air filled with the smell of singed cashmere as Sara struggled to untangle the scarf from her neck. Erin, the eighteen year old pyrokinetic who had tried to light a candle and missed, let out a startled shriek and frantically waved her hands in the air. In response, the fire tickling the end of Sara's scarf engulfed three more inches of beautiful hand-knitted cable-stitch. "Someone blow it out!" "Air will make it burn faster, dumbass!" The warning came too late. The lighter items on Sara's desk went flying as Nate, the class's lone elementalist, sent a miniature whirlwind swirling toward her. Dodging an entire stack of homework cost her valuable time, time during which the fire crept dangerously close to her hair. God, not the hair— "Erin, where's the emergency bucket?" "What?" "The water!" Sara ignored the shouts and stayed calm enough to get her poor scarf unwrapped from around her neck. She dropped it
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