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Single Wolf Female by Jessica Sims

Single Wolf Female (Midnight Liaisons #2.6) by Jessica Sims Chapter One There were certain things expected of a werewolf alpha female: take care of the pack, exert leadership, change to wolf form with ease. Appease the alpha male. Dominate the females of the pack. Filling out a dating profile for lonely women? Not on the list. Not even close. To make matters worse, I was embarrassingly bad at filling out the profile. I chewed on the end of my pen-cap with vigor as I re-read the line of questions on the form, loathing the process with every fiber in my wolf-being. I am a ______ seeking a ________. My brain filled in the obvious. I am an idiot seeking a clue, or else I wouldn’t be here. Instead, I wrote down ‘woman’ and ‘man’ in the blanks, and then frowned. Could I be any more vague? I scratched them out and wrote above them ‘wolf female’ and ‘companionship.’ The next question was even worse. Body type: __________. What the heck did they want there? Tall? Short? Female? Werewolf? Alive? Or was it what I wanted in a man? Would ‘breathing’ qualify? I resisted the urge to snarl at the paper and placed the end o
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