Cyber & Mecha | The Hangover Part III | Bulhandang (2017)

Sanctuary Lost by Moira Rogers

Sanctuary Lost (Red Rock Pass #2) by Moira Rogers Chapter One Dead leaves crunched under Brynn’s feet, slippery enough that she slid several steps with a muffled curse before catching her balance. Branches snatched at her clothing and tangled in her hair, but she didn’t stop running. She deserved every stinging scratch, every bump and bruise, even the trembling pain in her legs and the burning of her lungs. She deserved them all, for running. It was too dark to see—for a human, anyway—and she stumbled twice more before she caught sight of the faint fluttering light from Joe’s cabin. She screamed his name, knowing he’d hear, knowing he’d know. It wasn’t the first attack in the last three weeks, but it was the first one that had come in the dead of night. The first one where the attacker had found their house, had found Abby— And I left her. Shame burned inside Brynn, not just shame at running, but a deeper, aching misery at the knowledge she’d had no other option. Her sister could survive a bullet wound to the chest. Brynn might not survive falling down the stairs. Running had been smart. Getting help had been necessa
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