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Bad to the Bone by Vivi Anna

Bad to the Bone (Blackthorn Wolves #1) by Vivi Anna Chapter One Olivia Jordan looked into the McDonald’s bag again Oand swore under her breath. She was hoping if she looked twice, the large fry she ordered would magically appear. Damn it! Why did this always happen to her? “Rog, they forgot my fries again.” Roger turned in his seat and grinned. “I’ll go get them, Liv.” “McDonald’s hates me.” “Oh, yeah, it’s a conspiracy against you,” he chuckled as he pulled out of the drive-through and parked the ambulance in the empty parking lot. It was past midnight and the restaurant was closing. “I shouldn’t be eating this crap anyway. I’ll just have to run longer tomorrow.” Olivia unwrapped her hamburger and took a healthy bite. Roger chuckled again and opened his door. “Liv, I see you eat it, but I have no idea where you put it.” The radio on the dashboard crackled, pausing his movement. Possible gunshot at 1st and 12th Avenue SE. PD on scene. He shut his door and started the ambulance. “You didn’t need them anyway. I can almost see your butt in those pants.&r
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